Chicken drums " A la Google+" (by pio dal cin)

(by pio dal cin)
Here is a nice way to cook some chicken drums. Easy to make in about one and a half hours. Just follow the simple instructions here:

Peel onions and chop fine with a garlic clover. Put a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Let the onion brown (max two minutes) Drop the drums.

Add a can of peeled tomatoes. Salt. stir.

Some basil leaves, half a glass of Prosecco (or white wine of your choice). Piece of butter. Add, stir,turn drums around. Place a cover and let it cook for an hour and fifteen minutes ,occasionally turning the drums around.

Before serving sprinkle with abundant Parmesan.  Buon Appetito!( Chicken drums "a la G+) (by pio dal cin)
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