Bring Corrupted politicians to an International Court

Bringing corrupted politicians across Europe to an International Tribunal

A Terrible situation

Greece, Spain, Italy and many other European Countries are suffering athe hardest economic crisis in years. The weaker classes in the society are asked to  make the strongest sacrifices. Food and gasoline prices, taxes on first homes and such.

Corrupted to the bone

In the mean time, corrupted thieves who have the courage of calling themselves politicians, are stealing and pocketing public money, knowing darn well that even if they'll get caught, they will not spend one single day in jail, neither they will be asked to return the money, or their villas, built with taxpayers money confiscated.

Worst than the Mafia

I think, I really do, that the Mafia's members are "better" that these politicians.. why? At least they do what they do knowing that they are breaking the law, knowing that they will go to jail if caught,knowing that their goods will be confiscated and redistributed among the society.

I am not defending the Mafia, don't get me wrong. The point that I am trying to make here, is that the political parties (in Italy) are financed with a great chunk of public money, and their members are stealing from the Italian Public on the daily base for years.

They have salaries that would make a king humble; benefits,pension, retirement plan, free internet and tablets, free travelling, free cars, free offices, and on top of that they steal, take bribes, make deals and spend the taxpayer's money in expensive  vacations and properties.

Revolution Time

The time is right for a Revolution. A Social one. Not like in the North African Countries. In Europe, the Revolution has to be made in an International Court of Law, where these individuals, who manage to bypass the laws at their will, should be called and forced:

A) To go to jail
B) To give up their political ambitions forvever
C) Have their properties confiscated and returned to the society they stole it from.

Is it going to happen? I doubt it.  I spoke with a great friend +Meg Tufano  the other day, on a similar post I made, and I was telling here that this would really be a dream coming true; see all these thieves going to jail, and return the loot.

Election Time soon

In April, in Italy we are going to have to choose our Government again. Mario Monti, the technocrat, has given the markets what they asked for, and it seems like Italy is getting back the recognition it deserves Internationally.

What mr. Monti has failed to do, like his Greek and Spanish colleagues, is to put a bit of the pressure more on the higher classes, instead of asking for all the sacrifices from the poor retirees, the small entrepeneurs, and workers with a fix incomes who have to go to work using a car with gas prices quadrupled and salaries that have remained the same for decades, and are the lowest in Europe.

The general feeling here in Italy is that the politician should all go home
From left to right, without exception, there is a strong need of a new political generation, with new rules. People who would be willing to work for the society, for their Country, without getting 15 thousand Euros per month with added benefits, without staying in politics for over 40 years, creating a web of entrerprise among themselves that has taken the Country down the gutter

Sixty Billion Euros A Year
How many homes could be built with this kind of money? How many hospitals? Schools? Roads? How many people could benefit from this humongous amount of money that is the moneySpent every year to support and sustain the italian politics

This is not a matter of being right or left, communists or fascist, liberal or moderate. This is a matter of being ITALIANS, honestly.

My vote

I never done this before in my life, but this time, when election time comes in April, I will NOT vote for anybody. I know that this way someone will choose for me, but this will be the ONLY way to raise my voice against all the parties and all the corrupted politicians in Italy.

If there are any honest ones left, please do something. The Italian People is tired of paying paying paying for other's mistakes. Bring the corrupted in fron of an International Court of Law. Give to the people that cannot survive the crisis because of cuts in their pension, some hope, give young couples the chance to start a mortgage, give workers a salary so they can feed their families. Take it from whom you know have stolen those money, and the Italian People will be grateful, we can start building again our beautiful Country, without being opressed by thieves. 

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