Why-apple would want to change the-iphones screen-size?


Apple is set this week to have one of its classic big announcements, widely expected to be the launch of the next iPhone. The company, of course, is very tight-lipped about what it’s debuting and when. But it left a fairly big clue about what it’s planning on its invitation for this Wednesday, with the event date casting the shadow of a large “5” in the foreground.
Apple chief executive Tim Cook said this past spring that Apple would “double down” on secrecy surrounding new products, but that hasn’t stemmed the tide of rumors circulating about what’s in the new phone. Cobbling together information from leaks and other reports, the next iPhone seems likely to have a larger screen, LTE-capability, a thinner profile, a faster processor and no near-field communication reader. Many of these changes are expected to bring the iPhone in line with other smartphones on the market.
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