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English: location of Veneto region in Italy
English: location of Veneto region in Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Esperanto: Provincoj de la itala regiono Venet...
Esperanto: Provincoj de la itala regiono Veneto Fonto: adapto de la mapo Veneto el la vikipedia komunejo Aliaj versioj: Veneto lingve neŭtrala, italaj provinconomoj kaj Provinces of Veneto map kun anglalingva teksto Kategorio:Veneto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of Giotto's paintings in Padua.
One of Giotto's paintings in

Padua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(by pio dal cin) Google+ Profile (

I was born in Veneto, so was my father, my grandfather, my great granfather and my great great grandfather, and it goes on forever.

This is the Region where I want my daughter to grow up to learn the beauties and the traditions that go back a long long way into a proud past of genuine people who worked the fields nd from the fields have gotten their survival.

People from Veneto know all kinds of hardships: Two wars, floods,hearthquakes, tornadoes have bent us but never broke us. We are a proud people, with strong tradition and love for the family. We believe that a family is built by a man and a woman  and the children are our best legacy.

We have got it all here. The Dolomites
 the Beaches, Art, History, Thermal Baths, Lakes, Hills, Prosecco Wine, Cabernet Wine, Raboso Wine and many others. Food and Restaurants abound and the People are always happy to greet the tourists who flock by the millions every year to see Venice, Verona, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Belluno, Rovigo.

I just love it here and I am writing a photo book that is going to be published in the next few months thanks to a local sponsor. the book title is going to be "Cuore Veneto" (Venetian Heart). Stay tuned for details.
In the mean time follow the links to discover beautiful Veneto
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