Stop Stealing from the People of Italy

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ROME, ITALY - NOVEMBER 18: (L-R) Prime Minister Designate Mario Monti and Italian Minister of Justice Anna Maria Cancellieri attend a second vote of confidence for the government in the Italian Chamber of Deputies on November 18, 2011 in Rome, Italy. Italy's Prime Minister designate Mario Monti presented his government's program at the senate yesterday , pledging economic reforms and austerity measures aimed at reassuring investors and rescuing the country from its financial difficulties. Mario Monti's government of technocrats then faced a vote of confidence in the senate which they won by 281 votes to 25. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

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I never used G+ since I joined last year in July, to talk about politics. Tonight I am making an exception, as the situation in Italy has become unsustainable for the poor middle class, while corrupted politicians are pocketing millions. This creates a dangerous social tension that must be defused pronto

(by pio dal cin) September 29 2012

Million of Euros stolen. Parties with  champagne and expensive entrees. Vacations in Sardinia. These are the scandals that are hitting the news these days in Italy, as people struggle for the survival of their jobs and families, politicians that are making anything between 15/20 k a month, for just doing nothing (plus benefits like free travel, cell phones, internet connection,cars, hotels,meals and who knows what else) are enjoing the rule of stealing as much as they can. If and when they get caught they will not go to jail.
It's worth the try isn't it?
There will be new elections and what will the Italian people vote? Hard to tell.  The matter of the fact is that whomever is going to take Berlusconi's place after Mario Monti will be gone, will continue in this corruption game as if nothing had happened.


It has been going on for almost two thousand years now. The masters of politics applied to business were certainly the Ancient Romans, but since the society has developed into something new, the old rules of engagment needed to be reviewed and revised quickly. It didn't happened.

There are laws and rules that need a quick update. Only the ones that apply to the political class and their leaders are changed, the other stay there till someone discovers that a newspaper's director can go to jail for libel. Knock the year 2012? Were we not out of the dark ages of Medieval memories.


While the hunt still goes on for tax evasion (even at local country fairs) or in the fields of the wine harvesting's Season, names like Lusi, Belsito, Fiorito, just to name the latests scandals that rocked Italian political system, are free to go on television, big smiles on their faces, telling us they were the victims of the system created by their parties.


The victims of the heartquake in Emilia Romagna are still waiting for help from the Government to get out of the stall they found themselves in since the tremor that killed may phisically, but much more in their business that were destroyed and never were helped to get back on their feet.


Twenty one people since January 1st committed suicide in my Region alone, Veneto. Many others in the other Regions have even higher numbers. All these are suicide of people due to the crisis that the Country is experimenting. Well, the whole world is... But where else corrupted polititians can get away with stealing million of Euros without even spending one day in Jail?


A month ago I red on the newspaper of an old lady who jumped out of the vindow of her room because they cut her pension by two hundred Euros. Workers losing their jobs daily, factory closing down by the dozen. Italians are getting tired of the leaders asking for sacrifices while the corrupted political system is eating 60  billion a year to feed itself. The average Italian is fed up and tired of reading about public money being randsacked by fat politicians who are making already 15/20 thousand Euros per month, while retired people are struggling to put a lunch and a dinner together because their pension are being cut, or young couples unable to have a normal dream of having a house because the banks are not giving them credit to open a mortgage.


A revolution is needed. These politicians of the Second Republic must all go home, that is what  +Beppe Grillo
 is saying with his alternative political group "Cinque Stelle", but he is a stand up comedian turned politician ( and a profitable blogger considering that he has one of the most clicked blogs in the world).

I don't think that the Italians will buy his message either, as he is telling what we should do, but the corrupted system is well closed in into its walls and it would be impossible to crack.


Give the Italian people strong signals that you (the politicians,the parties, and all those who are called to rescue the country out of the crisis) are willing to step back from the privileges you have had so far, including cutting the numbers of Senators and public administrators; cutting the salaries and all the expensive "toys" you have gifted yourselves with all these years.

Place a limit on how many years one can stay in power (USA model will be fine) so that after a max of 8/ 10 years all the political class can be recycled into new forces.

Help the families and the people who are struggling to keep their heads above the water. This is the crisis of the poor/middle classes; give a strong signal you are willing to lend a hand (for example by eliminating some of the taxes on gasoline,or the first home's tax).

Stop the promises of a better politics and get all those in need some real help. The resources you might need, you could take from all the money that have been stolen from the taxpayers and pocketed by a system that needs to be restarted anew.

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