Pope gets an Electric Car

Friday Sept 7th 2012 00:01 am (by pio dal cin)
As reported here by BBC the Pope has gotten a new electric car to be used inside the Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI has been presented with an electric car to use within the grounds of the Vatican and his summer home of Castel Gandolfo.
The customised white Kangoo was presented to the pontiff by French carmaker Renault.
Benedict XVI has been dubbed "the green pope" for his environmental concerns.
Since he became Pope, the Vatican has installed photovoltaic cells in its main auditorium and joined a project to offset carbon dioxide emissions.
The city state intends that by 2020, 20% of its electricity will be provided by renewable energy.
No new Popemobile
Renault said the Kangoo Maxi van, which has the Papal coat of arms on its doors, has a 44 kilowatt electric motor and lithium-ion battery and can travel 170km (105 miles) without recharging.
Renault also handed over a se

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