NFL twitter and Facebook list.Follow your team online
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You can find here your favourite NFL team's twitter and Facebook accounts as reported here in this great article on the by 

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  • 2012 NFL team Twitter and Facebook list: Follow your favorite team online

    The 2012 NFL season is underway. Follow your favorite teams and players on Twitter and Facebook and keep up with the latest news about the teams, game scores, photos, and tweets from the top players in the NFL.
    The list below includes the official NFL team Twitter and Facebook accounts. There are many fake Twitter accounts online, so it's best to check to see if the player or team has been verified before you follow them. While the fake accounts are amusing, don't look to them as a credible source of information.
    An increasing amount of players now haveTwitter accounts and you can search for them by name. Check to make sure they have the verified logo next to their name or you will be following Tom Brady's hair instead of thePatriots quarterback himself.
    Some of the popular NFL players to follow on Twitter include:
    Looking for Eli or Peyton Manning? They do not currently have accounts on Twitter. Follow theDenver Broncos or the NY Giants for official information.
    In addition to following teams and players, don't forget to follow the NFL on Twitter here and theNFL Network here. Find the official NFL Facebook page here.
    Official NFL Team Twitter Accounts
    Official NFL Facebook Pages
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