Navajo Nation Appreciating Tradition Fair Underway

66th Annual Navajo Nation Appreciating Tradition Fair Underway

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WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA – The 66th Annual Nation Fair is now underway until Sunday, September 9, in Window Rock, Arizona.
Navajo Nation Fair ParadeOur traditions include rejoicing with families and
taking time to honor each other.
The event draws thousands to Window Rock each year. The fair includes an all-Indian rodeo, a country and western concert featuring Gary Allen, a traditional Navajo song and dance competition, a Navajo arts and crafts exhibition, an inter-tribal powwow, a parade, a livestock and horticulture exhibit, a inter-tribal night performance, and other events.
Navajo President Shelly released the following statement inviting all to attend the festivities in Window Rock:
Myself, the First Lady and the Vice President invite everyone to the 66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair.
This year's theme is Appreciating Tradition, and the Navajo Nation is rich in tradition. For generations, our people have passed down traditions to the younger generation, and today is no different.
With each day, we are blessed with an opportunity to live according to the traditions of our Navajo elders. Our traditional teachings are the road maps to living in beauty with our surroundings and among each other.
Navajo Nation Fair
Within our four sacred mountains, with our songs and prayers, we are living examples of how traditional teachings can bring a society forward without losing their identity. Every breath we take honors our traditions.
Our traditions include rejoicing with families and taking time to honor each other. The Navajo Nation Fair is a time of joy in which many of our Diné travel back to Diné Bikéyah to relive the traditions of our Navajo people.
Friends and relatives, old and new, let us appreciate our Diné traditions and those of our friends. Let us honor each other and take this precious time to appreciate and give thanks to our blessings by enjoying ourselves in a safe and responsible way during the fair.
We are thankful for this way of life that was given to us by the Holy People. We are thankful that we have a language to identify our prayers to the Gods. We are thankful we are here today, as every breath shows the strength of our traditions. We are the Navajo Nation.
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