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KOMU G-Plus Hangouts - pix 00a - Sarah Hill an...
KOMU G-Plus Hangouts - pix 00a - Sarah Hill and Nina Moini (Photo credit: k-ideas)
http://www.hypemyhangout.com/ (by pio dal cin)

Sarah Hill just posted this great news from a +Danny Cohen's post on how to hype your hangout on G+.
All you need is a G+ account. Just click on the link above (or the one on the Sarah Hill's post) and you'll see a short video explaining how to record your fifteen seconds video to promote your activity on Youtube.
I will try this out to promote my interview show (You Are The Star For Five Minutes) on G+. Thanks everyone for sharing this great (easy to use) tool. Thanks Sarah Hill for sharing this

Sarah Hill

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Make your own Hangout Teaser
This new tool comes with a pre-produced graphics template so you don't have to make your own.  I'm going to try this shortly and I'll share my version.
A pretty sweet idea +Nick Kadner to put a free promotions department in the hands of users!  This platform is a free TV station for businesses.  This little ditty just proves that.  
h/t +Amanda Blain 
Danny Cohen originally shared this post:
Great tool to create short videos, in less than a minute, to hype your hangout: http://www.hypemyhangout.com

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