Zuckerberg says "Performance on the stock disappointing"

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"Performance on the stock has been disappointing" said Zuckerberg on his first interview given to Techcrunch just a few minutes ago.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington dived right into the most glaring and obvious question of the day following the company’s May IPO.
How does Zuckerberg feel about the IPO given that the company’s share price has fallen by nearly half in four months? Facebook shares trade at $19.43, down from the $38 price they debuted at in May.
“Well, the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing,” he said in his first on-stage interview since the IPO, before reiterating Facebook’s mission to make the world more “open and connected.”
He said that Facebook’s performance over the next three to five years will be the company’s ability to transition to and monetize its audience on mobile devices.
Arrington prodded him on whether the stock performance has affected internal morale.
“Well, you know it doesn’t help,” he said. “Maybe some people will leave. I actually think it’s a great time for people to join and also for people to stay and double down.”

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