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It won't be an exaggeration if I say that English is the language of this world. Although Mandarin (Chinese) tops the list of most widely spoken languages, we know that it's English which connects people around the world. Hence, it can't hurt to get a deeper understanding of this ubiquitous language and work towardsimproving your grammar and vocabulary.

When it comes to online resources to improve your English language skills, there are millions of tools available. They range from software, tools, blogs, dictionaries, puzzles and much more. In this post I primarily mention websites which fall in the dictionary / thesaurus category. I'll preserve the other resources for another post.
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7 Tricks to Write Faster, Better, And More Insightful Articles … Right Now

I finished . I looked up at my friend sitting across from me. I was in school. It was 1st grade and I had just finished writing a story in my small, blue and white notebook. Back then, I had an affinity for writing short stories where animals could talk, and most of them died in every story, much like Kenny in Southpark.

Since writing those short stories, I’ve always loved writing.
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You Can Write Like a Professional: Here’s How

Most jobs involve some element of writing – whether it’s sending emails to clients, producing reports for the boss, or creating content for the company website. If you’re not a professional writer, this can be daunting and a lot of people end up procrastinating. A project that should take a few hours ends up dragging on and on for weeks.

I’m a professional writer, and I can tell you this: when you write for a living, you don’t have the luxury of letting a project get the better of you!
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How to Write Like a Professional

As part of your job (or your personal life), you’ll sometimes have to write more than a simple email.

Chances are, you put off doing the writing for as long as possible. Writing can be incredibly hard, especially if it’s something you feel that you’re not very good at. You might have no idea where to begin.

Here’s how to make it a whole lot easier – by following what the professionals do.
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5 Awesome Tips to Writing Emails That Won't Be Ignored

I'll confess before I begin - I still struggle a bit with keeping my emails short and sweet. Not that I don't know the merits of getting to the point right away in your email, it's just that I need to put in more conscious efforts to make them precise.

The other day I was reading Leo's post ondisadvantages of long emails and that made me realize that I am not the only one who has this bad habit of (sometimes) writing long emails. In fact, it isn't just about the length of the email. There are various other ways to improve your email writing skills, and make sure that it gets opened and read even when it reaches someone who gets hundreds of emails each day.
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10 Hard Truths About Blogging

With job satisfaction rates at record lows and more and more people looking to enjoy a higher quality of life, millions of people are desperately trying to leave their miserable jobs and are flocking to the world of blogging and Internet marketing.

If you're already a blogger, chances are you've heard of Darren RowseBrian Clark, and Leo Babauta. These names are synonymous with blogging success and the dream of living the "Internet lifestyle".
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Five Reasons to Keep a Journal

If you've been reading Dumb Little Man for a while, you might have figured out that I'm a writer. I love words. I write for a living – and it's a childhood dream come true for me.

Now, you might not be a writer. In fact, for all I know, you hate writing.

I'm going to suggest that you think about keeping a journal, all the same. Why? Because journals have a bunch of awesome benefits – not just now, but in the future.
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40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation

After all these years you finally have the courage and opportunity to write the email announcing that you and you alone have single handedly saved the company from utter disaster. You're excited, you type it, you spell check it, and you hit send.

Everything is great except that your gold star memo has dangling modifiers, double negatives and run-on sentences colliding with each other.

Now I am no grammar whiz but I know a good resource when I see it. Purdue University maintains an online writing laband I spent some time digging through it. Originally the goal was to grab some good tips that would help me out at work and on this site, but there is simply too much not to share.
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7 Incredibly Simple Tips for Inspired and Meaningful Writing

As a writer, you know how hard it can be to get inspired and write something you’re happy with. You’re constantly running into mental blocks, and things keep popping up that break your flow. It’s hard, yes, but it can be made a lot easier with a few tweaks.

Ever since I was 7 years old, I’ve loved writing. I started with short stories and worked my way to longer ones. I even won a few t-shirts in children's writing contests. I thought it was awesome.
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Unique Ways To Access Your Natural Creativity

Are you ever at work and the task that you're handling just flows and gets done without much effort? It's almost as if your brain and creativity just explode and you slice through the task with ease. That feeling, the flow, is an awesome feeling but how often do you have it? Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow bottle that feeling and release it when you need it most? Easier said than done.

There are probably a lot of variables that go into achieving this feeling and like most things, they are totally different for everyone. However, with a little thought, most of us can most likely identify a handful of things that help promote their inner creativity.
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Complete Your First Book with these 9 Simple Writing Habits

Your first book isn't going to happen by itself. If writing a novel or non-fiction book is something you've dreamed of, the only way to make that dream a reality is by putting it into action -- day by day.

And the best way to do that is to develop some simple habits that will make the dream a reality, one step at a time.

I've learned a lot about writing habits over the years. As a journalist, a freelance writer, and a speech writer, I've written thousands of articles over the last 17 years. I've also written a novel, numerous short stories, a couple ebooks, and am now working on a non-fiction book. It's a struggle, daily.
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How To Land A Freelance Writing Job

Freelance writing is a fabulous industry that allows you to stay at home and run your own business. Despite the ease in which you can find online based writing work, most wannabe writers struggle to find their feet in this chosen vocation. They often fail to lap over the first hurdle - getting a job.

What stops most aspiring online writers is the guts to "just go for it." They end up being held hostage by their own fear of failure and never make it past the starting line.
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The DumbLittleMan Guide to Colon Use

First, let is be known that we are talking about punctuation and not our friend embedded into our digestive system!

Following the success of the article The DumbLittleMan Guide to Comma Use the editor decided to put me back in the lions den and gave me the go ahead to write an article on the colon.

In the punctuation mark Christmas party, the colon would be considered an infrequent visitor: someone who pops their head in just to say hello and remind us, every now and again, that they still exist and working on trying to garner some backers to revive its fledgling career.
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