Google Fiber qualified in 180 Kansas City fiberhoods

By Jim Rush
Sep 10 2012

Google Fiber Qualified In 180 Kansas City Fiberhoods

I reported six weeks ago that Google were asking people to pre-register for their upcoming fiber network. Now, the pre-registration is over and a surprising amount of people signed up. If you live in or around Kansas City, you might be lucky enough to be a part of the new fiber network.

Google Fiber In Kansas City

Google says they can't believe how many people signed up and are amazed by the commitment to the future of the Internet. They will be able to build at least 180 our of 202 "fiberhoods".
Kansas City Fiber Map
Google says:
This number has blown us away—and it’s not even the final tally. We’re still processing some final address verification requests and pre-registrations from apartment buildings and condos. On Thursday we’ll share the final list of fiberhoods that have qualified for Google Fiber and the order in which they’ll be constructed, along with more details about the next steps. So stay tuned!
On September 9, Google Fiber concluded its six-week rally to bring Google Fiber to Kansas City. 180 fiberhoods around Kansas City qualified with the help of committed community advocates who rallied their neighbors to pre-register for Fiber.
I think this is amazing, that so many people wanted to help out on something that might not seem important at first, but fiber will provide a much faster and more stable Internet connection for everyone. We all know the people who won't listen and just slam the door in our face, so I'm happy to know that Kansas City got the support it needed to make this happen.
Do you think this would be possible in your town/country? Let me know!

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