Italian Beaches not so crowded? (by pio dal cin)

(by pio dal cin) I was searching for a good deal last week so that I could go on vacation on the beach with my family. I asked for a double room for a week, half board (breakfast and one meal). On the week starting Sat  August the 18th I found the "best" deal to be 952 Euros. Others were well over the 1000 Euros mark.
I red an interesting article yesterday on the www.nytimes com.
talking about the crisis that is effecting the Italian beaches. I asked myself why for example there are always crowds of German tourists and Italians as well heading for Croatia rather then our beautiful Adriatic Beaches that offer a real good quality of services.

I know that the problem is only one: The Italian Beaches are too expensive for the budget of many Italians facing a harsh crisis, but the hotel owners have not lowered the prices (perhaps because they are stranguled by taxes), as simple as that.

Italians have always taken their vacations on August . This is the peak of the season now. The same room I asked for, on this week would cost me anywhere from 1000 to 1300 Euros. (Three Star Hotels, half board)
A cruise in the Mediterranean for a week will cost me 1300Euros (cabin with terrace).
Sorry hotel owners, your prices are way too high for our pockets, but if I could afford it I will choose a Mediterranean Cruise.

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hotel Treviso ha detto…
There surely is a necessity of making some changes in the tourism industry after the crisis affected it.