A hike in the Dolomites can teach a few things


*I am a chubby guy. +Robert Redl +Jack C Crawford +Paolo Gant know that well.
They are the only ones who have seen me in Real Life.
When the magnetism played by the wonder of the Dolomites starts tickling me, I know I have to go for a hike.  I don’t care if my coronaries will give up on me on the process of climbing those marvellous trails that lead you to the top to breathtaking views.

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Hiking teaches. It taught me to take things one step at the time, if you wish to get to the top, there should be no rush, but a steady slow pace. A pause when you are tired is also a good advice.
I love taking my daughter with me. And she loves the challenge to make it up to the top.
Yeasterday August 11 2012 we took it to Passo Falzarego, just eleven kilometers  North West of Cortina d’Ampezzo (the Pearl of the Dolomites) and we climbed the trail number 401 and 402 taking us to the top of the Lagazuoi Mountain.
Here during  World War One there were heavy fighting between the Italian and Austrian  arrmies. Signs of the fighting can still be seen as the trenches are still there to be visited by the hikers who climb up there every day during the Summer months.
Here there are a few photos of our climb. It took us Three hours and forty five minutes with many stops to recuperate on breath and energies*

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