You are The Star (for FIVE minutes) What is it?(by pio dal cin)

(by pio dal cin)

                   HANGOUT ON AIR GOT ME STARTED

When  +Google+ gave me the Hangout on Air option, I knew right away what I was going to use it for: Interviews.

I always wanted to ask Gplussers questions about who they are, and what they do here on Google plus. Getting to know some of them like Sarah Hill has changed my whole experience here  so by recording a short video on You Tube I could tell her story and show the world who she really is, from her own voice.


Why the name? The reason for this long and complicated name is simply explained by the fact that in the beginning I thought to run my interviews on Hangout on Air streamed live but not for any longer than FIVE minutes, so that I will not bore my viewers.

After a few interviews I realized that no one of the Gplussers I interviewed were there for FIVE minutes but for a lot longer than that. Mike Elgan's interview lasted for over two hours and the reason for that was that it was really interesting listening him talking about the various topic he choose to talk about as questions kept coming in from different viewers either from Youtube and for the stream.

                         WHAT IS COMING NEXT

I will keep interviewing great people like Jack C Crawford, Robert Redl, Rodney Pike,Daria Musk,Grace O'Malley and James Barraford from Media Tapper, Martin Shervington, Dolilh Young Lori McNee, Tina Vale, Amy Gabriel, Matthew Rappaport, Dan Mac Dermott, Peter Mac Dermott, Boris Gorelik, Eileen Mc Allister, Amy Chin, Amy Wallace, M Monica, Joseph Puglisi and all who came in to the show. I will also keep the name as it was conceived in the first place. I like it and I love doing it.

          HOW TO GET ON THE SHOW- Does it cost anything?

Of course not. The participation to the show is absolutely free and based upon a choice that I make inviting people to participate. If you would like to participate too just send me a message, and I will set up a date/time in which we can sit down and have this "fireside talk" like good old friends.

Do not worry, I will make you feel comfortable. Just try. Give me a chance to interview you and I will not disappoint you.
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