Yahoo Confirms theft of passwords from users

(by pio dal cin) I had a strong feeling this was going to happen.Too many banners, to many unsolicited advertisement made it look too easy to hack. That is why I kept my Yahoo account only for spam addresses.
I really had a strong feeling that Yahoo Mail wasn't safe enough

-Yahoo confirms 'old' database was compromised
--Hacker group D33Ds claims responsibility
--Exposed members registered using Gmail, AOL, other email accounts
(Adds details of other recent hacks, other information, in the fourth and ninth through 11th paragraphs.)
By Drew FitzGerald
Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) said it is investigating a data breach that allowed a hacker group to download about 453,000 unencrypted user names and passwords, a revelation that also threatened users' email accounts with other providers.
The Sunnyvale, Calif., company said the compromised user information belongs to Yahoo Voices, a self-publishing service once known as Associated Content. A hacking organization called D33Ds ...

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