Who took the stupid decision to climb?

(by pio dal cin)
I am reading tons of tweets expressing sadness for Payne's death among those who were killed yesterday by the avalanche in the French sector of the Monte Bianco.
Expert climbers were among the casualties but whomever took the decision to climb the 4000 plus meter high mountain between Italy and France is to be held responsible for the death of all.

Why? Look at the average temperature that were recorded during last week: close to 40 degrees Celsius. Not for a day or two, but for over a week.

I am not an expert climber, I am happy enough to make it to the top of the trial I decide to tackle on a hot summer day.

I spent some time in the Dolomites and one thing I have learned: if and when it gets too hot in the Summer stay away from the snow and/ or from glaciers.

How could experienced climbers took such a fool decision? Why did they tackle such a high mountain after a long period of super- hot temperatures?

It is very sad I know to learn that nine lives were lost like that, in a beautiful sunny day.

I pause for a minute to pay them and their families the due respect but I cannot stop thinking that a small amount of "common sense" would have saved their lives.

Life taught me that the climbs that we take are to be confronted with great determination and courage.

Sometimes the most corageous decision is NOT to climb at any cost.

(by pio dal cin)@2012