Sarah Hill Who is she? (by pio dal cin)

KOMU Sarah Hill G-Plus Hangouts - pix 00 - Sarah
KOMU Sarah Hill G-Plus Hangouts - pix 00 - Sarah (Photo credit: k-ideas) is Sarah Hill?

I met  +Sarah Hill by chance here, on Google+. Where else? Not in real life. She lives in Missouri, about ten thousand miles away from my hometown here in the Venetian countryside in Northern Italy.

Sarah and I met in a hangout. She was getting ready to do something nobody else has ever dared in the media world: Broadcast a Live hangout from her evening news .

She did and it was an immediate success. Now that Hangouts have become so popular it doesn't seem like a big deal, but back then (Sept 2011) the word was unknown to most of the Web addicts.

What makes her so special is her curiosity, the quest she has for the news and for what is "new". I like to envision Sarah Hill like one of those Pioneers who dared adventuring into the Wild West and took the chances no others did to make America a Great Place.

Sarah is a "down to earth" type of person. She has 1.5 million followers but she answers posts, replies to messages and she is open to everyone who comes into her daily hangouts to find out how they are managed.

A great person to know. A wonderful human being and  someone I consider myself proud to being able to call a true and loyal friend.

I had the great pleasure to interview Sarah  on my humble interview's show that I named +You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes) , an open space where I interview Gplussers to ask them about their lives and their carreers, along with their passions and dreams .See all the interviews here. That is what it is great bout G+. A small town country boy with the passion for the Internet, meets up with wonderful people and interacts with them, becoming friends and meeting in REAL LIFE like I did last January with another Great Friend
Robert Redl from Vienna, and with Jack Crawford from California who stopped by  during his last visit o Italy with his wonderful wife Emma.

Impossible experiences if you thought about it a few years ago, are now possible thanks to the great speed in which the Social Network is developing to be. Where are we going to go from here? I do not know, but I would like to be around for the next twenty years to find out. (pio dal cin)

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