Sarah Hill talks on "How to host a Hangout on Air"

(by pio dal cin)

If Hangouts became popular Sarah Hill is surely one to "blame" for. Sarah who is an anchor at KOMU8 News in Missouri was the first one here on Google+ to believe in the powerful potential of Hangouts.
As Google+ celebrated its first birthday on June 28, things have radically changed in Hangouts.
When Hangouts On Air were made public worldwide not too long ago, still many Gplussers do not know how to host a Hangout on Air in the proper way.

Sarah Hill today asked her guests to share their point of view and expertise to tell (via Hangout on Air streamed LIVE trough Youtube) what is the best way to have a "perfect HOA".

If you will watch this video you'll learn the basics and the tricks that may help you to become the next host of a beautiful program where YOU will be in charge. Choose from your passions. Be yourself. Try something new. Have the courage of experimenting even if you are not a video/audio expert. There are hundreds of people here on Google plus who are willing to explain to you the easy steps of becoming an expert.

My humble suggestion (as I am also learning) is to enter a hangout and listen. Look around, explore, ask, show that you are interested in the topic. 

Sarah Hill's Hangout are about the best Hangout School you may get. She is a great person to know. She will answer your questions patiently, showing you what this new medium has brought to our lives and will change the way we percieve the World, as Australia is closer to Austria and vice versa on the dictionary, but  also on your desktop,when you'll be sitting at your PC and join an International  Hangout the World will seem such a small place and you will get the feeling that indeed there is a World Wide Way to connect here on Google plus that could bring us closer as human beings, even virtually, why not?
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