Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (by pio dal cin)

London 2012 Olympic Games Countdown
London 2012 Olympic Games Countdown (Photo credit: givingnot@rocketmail.com)
Friday  July 27th 2012 (by pio dal cin)

London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is finally on the way. As I am writing Queen Elizabeth is being shown entering an helicopter with Secret Agent 007. Churchill, the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and here it is in a n electric blue light the Stadium. Daniel Craig, opens the door and the Queen jumps out of the helicopter with a parachute.Of course it is a stuntman.
On the ground, the Queen and Her husband are entering the Stadium as "God Save the Queen" it's being played as the Union Jack makes its entry escorted by eighth war weterans who are walking to the huge white pole where it will stay for the duration of the Olympics. The National Anthem begins.
An ovation and a smiling Queen in a pink dress applauding. The show resumes adim a blue light inside the Stadium with 600 dancers performing an hospital scene. Great Start.(pio dal cin)

Olyimpic Games Opening Ceremony
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