Mediatapper on Google+ . Great articles on G+

+Media Tapper  has been doing a great job in this week of celebrations.
There are some excellent articles from some of the top engagers here on g+ and I am really proud (and humbled) to be published alongside some of the great names, such as +Giselle Minoli+Denis Labelle+Gabriel Vasile+Jaana Nyström+Amy Gabriel+pio dal cin+Miguel Rodriguez+Ayoub Khote +J.C. Kendall+stephanie wanamaker and so, so many more.
All of the articles published this week offer great insight into how G+ has truly affected the lives of those who have put huge energy into google plus and just how life changing that has been for so many of us.
For  a glowing indictment of the possibilities of this great platform, look no further. I have learnt so much on these pages.

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