Larry Page is Recovering from his illness and back to work

(by pio dal cin)

Larry Page the 39 years old co founder of Google, is slowly recovering from the loss of voice that has prevented him from appearing in public lately .

Erich Schmidt reported to the press that "Larry is slowly recuperating on his voice loss and has begun going back to his office, although in a moderate way"

Google shareholders were scared off when the young CEO failed to attend the shareholders convention just a couple of weeks ago.

All the speculations that were made are now being put off by his slow but steady recovery.

From my Google+ profile (

 I wish Larry a "Welcome back" wishing you a complete 

speedy  recovery, waiting to see your post soon on Google+

 and hopefully being able to 

interview  you on a  LIVE #hangout streamed onto +Youtube

 on my humble show "You Are The 

Star (for FIVE minutes) (pio dal cin)

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