Google Products-Use them but don't fall in love (by pio dal cin)

Google announced today that IGOOGLE is going to be discontinued. So what is the big deal. I just saw a few posts on G+ talking about IGOGLE with the same passion you would talk about a boyfriend/girfriend who left you cold.

Don't be sad ,there is Google plus, there are Hangouts,Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Translator, Google anything.

What do you want more a "Google mend my heart because I loved the feature you just ceased?"

Trust this company, they are working night and day to improve and deliver the best for the people who place their trust in them. They want you and me to feel comfortable, at home here so that you won't have to go anywhere else looking for something newer or better.

It is happening here and now. Google is the future of the internet. If yopu don't believe me  ask the Web's Gurus who moved here.

So, next time that one of the Google's Products you were using till yesterday gets cancelled, please do not start crying. Google engineers know what they are doing. They'll deliver some new feature like they did a few days ago with "Events" or "Google Events" on G+.

What is going to be next? I don't know, but I swear I am curious to find out, as this "new virtual town" is building slowly with everyone's contribute like I wrote last week on an article published by "Media Tapper", we are all grains of sand who are making this beach a beautiful place to spend our free time.

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