Funniest Hangout Ever on Google plus

(by pio dal cin) #hangoutsonair

Tonight I was supposed to interview my friend +Gary S. Hart on my show on Google plus called +You Are the Star (for FIVE minutes) . We had made a Google Event out of the interview. About twenty minutes before the Hangout was supposed to air LIVE on +Youtube I realized that there was a problem getting the #hangout Hangout On Air started. I kept getting the message " Hangout on Air not available now, please try later".
What I thought to do was to open a regular Hangout and I invited all the guests telling them what the problem was. We decided to pospone the Hangout till tomorrow (Thursday the 26th). I asked Jack Crawford to check if he could open a Hangout On Air from his end. He tried, so he did, we joined with the agreement that the Hangout was going to be very short as Jack had to leave. James Barraford and Grace O'Malley from Media Tapper also had joined us.
What happened in those FOUR minutes I do not know. I know that we started to laugh and laugh and it turned out to be the FUNNIEST HANGOUT  I was ever in since I joined G+ last year. (pio dal cin)
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