Dalai Lama Life in exile (photo from Reuters)

http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/06/pictures-report-idUSRTXC4WQ(by pio dal cin)Happy Birthday to HH Dalai Lama turning 77 years old today. Still looking great and with a Wonderful Heart full of Peace Love and Compassion.
I was really happy when I saw that he had a profile here on G+. I was happier when He started a Hangout when South African Authorities won't allow Him to meet his friend Archibishop Desmond Tutu (who also has a Google+ profile)
I was disapponted by Barack Obama not meeting Him in the Oval Room at the Whitehouse for the Chinese Government had express resentment against the meeting. Many leaders have chickened out like Sarkozy who met HH in Poland amnd lately the City Council of Milan who resfused the honorary citizenship in fear of retaliations from the Chinese Government who is one of the bigger sponsors of the 2015 Expo due in the Italian City of Milan.

We should pause and meditate on who are the REAL FREE Countries of this modern times. We are certainly not if we are kneeling to the Chinese Economic Superpower. We should be free to meet any Dalai, any time, any place if we wish to do so, without fear, without being scared to be losing the Economic help from China in exchange for our Freedom. China has a long way to go before becoming a modern Country and that wy goes lso through making the life of their people better, with human rights, and stop the pressure and the dictatorship they are exercxiting on Tibet.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HH DALAI LAMA  the Chinese might not LOVE you but You have MILLIONS in the world who love Your Wisdom
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