Cali Lewis on You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes)

When my friend Jack Crawford suggested me that I looked Cali Lewis up on Google+ I  gladly did.

She has 1.400.000 plus followers, I saw that she  was looking great, both in her profile description and in her picture.

I did realize, after one year, that the power of Hangouts here on Google+, is far greater than I though.

This was my first Hangout ever with her. There was some initial "tension" as there is normally when meeting someone yo never encountered before. Once the ice was broken, by a few reciprocate questions, we were ready to go live, as Jack  joined us we did, and it turned out to be a great conversation about technology, but also about the dream job Cali is thankful for; her dreams and expectations, her future plans, the show she is hosting on (

Only the time limit that was set, abruptely stopped me from asking any other question. I would have loved to continue with more insight from Cali.

I was really impress by the total ease and respect with which she held the conversation into a high level of interest.

The energy she delivered was great and contagious. I must say that this was one of the best Hangouts I have ever had.

Thanks again for being with us tonight. It was a thrilling experience indeed.

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