(by pio dal cin) You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes)


(by pio dal cin)Thanks to all the Gplussers who accepted the invitation to my humble show and helped me to make it grow day by day, interview by interview

Last two interviews were +Nils Tschampel  from +CircleCount  and +David Amerland

And in random order:

  +Robert Redl +M Monica +Star Rush +Sherrie von Sternberg +Lise Bjerregaard Nielsen +Robert Anderson +Ardith Goodwin +Wes Lum +Gareth Evans
 +Jack C Crawford +Jaana Nyström +Rodney Pike +Sarah Hill +Dolidh Young +Mike Elgan +Johan Horak +Joseph Puglisi +Tina Vale +lori mcnee +Grace O'Malley +James Barraford +matthew rappaport +Linda Dee +Nathan Pieplow +Booger Bender
+Tzafrir Rehan +Johan Horak +Amy Wood +Ryan Van Sickle
+Peter G McDermott +Robert Redl +Rehan Ahmad +will.i.am +martin shervington +Daria Musk +Dan McDermott +Amy Wallace +Amy Wallace +Amy Gabriel +Cliff Roth +Claudia Pelagatti +Shefali Burns +Ugo Cei +Boris Gorelik +Eileen McAllister +Frank Garufi Jr. +Sandy Schepis +Keith Barrett +Jeffrey Sullivan

Coming up:

Monday July 9th +Booger Bender (we will talk about the new app for the hearing impaired on #hangoutsonair  )

Wensday July 11  +Cali Lewis will talk about herself and her experience here on+Google+

All the interviews of course are on HOA and streamed live courtesy of+YouTube

On the wishlist :
+Giselle Minoli +Katherine Gramann +Jennifer Tackman +Sandra Parlow +Vic Gundotra +chee chew +Bradley Horowitz +Dalai Lama +Larry Page +Meg Tufano +Natalie Villalobos +Laurie DesAutels +Linda Lawrey +Gabriel Vasile +Samantha Cristoforetti +Colby Brown +Leo Babauta +Leanne Staples +Joshua Evan Powell +Louise Fryer +Britney Spears +Victor Bezrukov +Anna Santos +Naomi Black +Sherilynn Macale
+Mike Downes  +Mike Shaw +Susanne Ramharter +Suite 709 +May Fong Robinson

See all the interviews by clicking on the link below.

If you wish to be on the show +You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes)  just send me a message or a private post. I will try to get you on as soon as possible.
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J Puglisi, LLC ha detto…
Outstanding work, my friend. So happy to see the list grow and grow. We must do another one and talk about life without so much Google Plus, speaking as one ripped away by the demands of a new job. Withdrawal is a bitch and I am reduced to sneaking in comments and posts with my iPhone Satuday mornings between errands. Being senior management also means keeping a low profile on the social scene. I miss it ... I miss you and all my friends.