Bradley Horowitz fireside talk with Eckhart Tolle (Video)

(by pio dal cin)

It is a long video to watch, but if you will take an hour an a half of your time and pay attention of what is said here by bestseller author Eckart Tolle in this fireside chat with +Google+ Vice President "Bradley Horowitz", when you'll finish the video you will have the feeling of having learned something really important and Wise.

Eckhart Tolle speaks calmly about wisdom and  gives some great advices from his book "The Power of Now". Your entire life unfolds as the present moment. Many of us live in the nearest future instead of focusin in the NOW. Once you realize that you get to know the great power that comes from being focused now.

Be focused and you will appreciate even a tea pot sitting in front of you, leaving the noise out.The light of conciousness and the now go together  and when you get out of the noise creativity unfolds. You will be then more peaceful human being.
What happens now changes all the time and the space where it happens is self-conciousness. All kind of unessential things are taught at school. They should just teach "Who Am I?" and once you answer that everything else is easy.

Bradley asks then about +Google plus and technology.

Eckhart Tolle says " Technology can contribute to spreading a vital message inspite od any ideology"

The flow of info is not more monopolized by a few but anyone can participate. The danger is to be inondated with information thus increasing confusion that traps you into a mental noise that prevents you to create something new".

" If you are continously trapped into miraculous technology and ten years later we will crawl like zombies. We do not have to lose ourself into what we created. When you watch this video you connect to a wider audience. The main thing is not to get sucked in that you are not able to interact with a human being because you are concentrated on the technological tool you have on your hands, like a cell phone or a computer. Give yourself space, even if it is one minute at the time.

Eckhart Tolle suggests that"Anyone that does use a PC should take "mini meditation". What is it? Place a flower next to your computer and  pause looking at the flower. Take a deep breath and follow it in an out of your body. What this does is to detach your brain from the computer and while you follow your breath into your body you create a space into your conciousness"....

What a great video. Everyone should watch it really.

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