Aurora Denver Police News Conference Details (by pio dal cin)

(pio dal cin)

The Police Chief  Dan Oates
of Aurora Denver has held a news conference just now, giving  details on the Theathre Shooting that left 12 people dead and a total of 70 wounded.
He first spoke about the suspect who is now held in the local County Jail and will be arraigned on Monday.

He had four weapons and was wearing a black suite. A gas mask. He had a bullet proof vest. He purchased the weapons trough a local store and through the internet where he bought the assault rifle that could deliver as many as 50/60 rounds per minute. He is originally from California and was living on his own.
The building where he lived was evacuated as well as five other buildings in the block due to the boobie-traps he has placed inside his apartment.

"All the ammunition he possessed, he possessed legally, all the weapons he possessed, he possessed legally, all the clips he possessed, he possessed legally," an emotional Oates said.
Authorities have yet to identify all of the 10 victims who died at the theater. Two other people died at the hospital, for a total of 12 dead. Thirty people remained hospitalized, 11 of them critical, Oates said.
A total of 70 people were injured, most of them by gun fire but a "handful" during the ensuing chaos, Oates said. One person was hit in an adjacent theater.Denver Police Chief press conference video recap

The police chief said he could not deliver a list of the casualties as they are double checking on the names as they are positively recognized  by officials here.

On Sunday at 6:30 PM Local there will be a service for the Community to mourn those who have died. The chief who was emotional on the live press conference praised the officers and all those who helped the Community pull trough such a horrible episode.
The suspect had purchased thousands of rounds of ammunition trough the internet along with some magazines related to the assault rifle he was using.

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