Tzafir Rehan (creator of "do share" App) talks to me about his experience on G+

(by pio dal cin) Tzafir Rehan joined me tonight on my show You Are the Star (for FIVE minutes) we spoke about the new app that he created called "do share" now available in the chrome extensions which allows sharing of a post immediately, or gives you the chance of sharing the post at a fixed time/date into the future, without any limit. We spoke about, like I did earlier with Jaana Nystrom, about the "hot topics" that were subject for great posts in the past two weeks like the SUL, Circle's Managment, Hangout improvment and how Google and the Google plus team responds to feedback. Listen to Tzafir who is an Engineer living in Israel. I have learned so much from him tonight. We spoke about a possible way of improving comments, specially if you have a large number of followers
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