New Google+ 1 button feature could drive pageviews

Google announced that it’s rolling out a new feature for the +1 button to its platform preview channel, which shows recommendations for other content on your site.
Google+ Platform Preview is where Google launches updates for the platform before they’re launched to the general public. The feature will roll out to all users in the next few weeks.
It could mean good things for webmasters if that’s the case. Recommendations for other content could help drive some pageviews.
Google points to an example in the Chrome Web Store, where a user clicking +1 on the Gmail app might see suggestions for apps like Offline Google Mail, Google Calendar and Picasa:
Plus One Recommendations
The recommendations will always be based on content from the same domain or subdomain as the +1 button, Google says.
Webmasters won’t need to worry about adding anything new to their sites, as it will become part of the standard +1 button functionality.

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