New Finds on Abraham Lincoln Assassination

(CNN) -- A newly discovered account of the shooting of Abraham Lincoln, and his death the next morning, gives a vivid and moving picture of the calamity.
Dr. Charles Leale was in the audience at Ford's Theater when Lincoln was shot, and was the first to attempt to treat the stricken president.
In a report believed written the next day, April 15, 1865, Leale writes, "the report of a pistol was distinctly heard and about a minute after a man of low stature with black hair and eyes was seen leaping to the stage beneath, holding in his hand a drawn dagger." Stumbling as he leaped from the president's box, the man "ran to the opposite side of the stage, flourishing in his hand a drawn dagger and disappearing behind the scene."
Leale ran to the president's box, about 40 feet from where he'd been sitting, where he encountered Mary Lincoln. She said, " 'O Doctor, do what you can for him! Do what you can!' I told her we would do all that we possibly could," Leale writes.
Then he saw the president. "He was in a state of general paralysis, his eyes were closed and he was in a profoundly comatose condition."