Larry Page- Too famous to get sick

(by pio dal cin) Larry Page loses his voice and the press goes nuts. He was supposed to give a speech to Google's shareholders the other day but he bailed out due to a minor problem that prevented him from speaking.
Various articles were written on various newpapers both local and National trying to understand what was wrong with the young Google CEO.

It doesn't take much for the press to go crazy just for a minor glitch like the temporary loss of the voice and all kinds of conclusions were taken as if there was "something bigger" hidden by the young Larry.

This may well be the clou to a new invention from the Google Labs; a "always ready voice substitution device"
so that, next time that Mr. Google will lose his voice again, investors will not believe that he is "ready for substitution" or worst to " kick the bucket".
Larry, please, next time, if this should happen again... Just don't say it " out loud"