A good photographer from a great one (by pio dal cin)

Yesterday I received a notificaton on my +Google+ account with a great photo taken by Kevin R Foote from Arches National Park Utah. Here are some of the words I used to specify him that photography is a matter of where you are in the world conjugated with the passion for what you really love to do. If you are in New York try to capture the very essence of where you are in that particular time/ space, wether it is a building or a cop crossing the street with a hot dog. If you are in Manhattan at 42street do not wish that you were at the Statue of Liberty. Look around and find a subject attracting you so much that you cannot resist to press that button.

"You are right when you say " it is easy to take good pictures in Arches National Park" but it takes sensibility to "see" deep into what Mother Nature shows you there..I live in Venice and I am aware that millions of people come here every year to see this floating museum so when I take photos here I know I am in a very special place. So are you. The closest I ever got to Arches was Mexican Hat Arizona. I love the beauty of the USA' West , but I am here. You probably would like to visit and shoot here in Venice, but you are there. If we understand the magic of "being here" no matter where in the world you are, the pictures we take will always be great, specially if taken with the THIRD ingredient I consider important for making the difference between a good photographer and a great one " THE HEART"(which contains the word ART)
the other two ingredients? The Camera( hard to take photos without one) and a good EYE."

Debates on great cameras vs cheap ones abound. Of course you cannot expect to go to a football game if you do not have a good 300 mm lens, or else, you could ( I did in Miami ) but you are not going to capture a close up shot of that touchdown on the other side of the field.
I remembet when I went to Joe Robbie stadium, in Miami, to shoot a game.
I was very excited and the longest lens I had was a 200mn with a 3.5 opening( a very bad lens for shoiting actions) but there I was, on the sideline, with the opportunity to shoot some great football pictures. I concenteated on the actions that were taking place right in front of me and also on the tired sweaty players who came to the nearby bench to rest after a though action. Remember that no matter where you are in the world there is one photo that you can take because you are there.
Be joyful and poetic with your camera, but if you are withnessing pain or suffering be respectful, knowing that you are there to comnent something that is unfolding before your eyes, not to overcome it with your impatience.
Read the scene and try telling a short story with a couple of shots.