The Chinese Government still tells the West what to do

(by pio dal cin).
War is really unnecessary: People get killed, million suffer, cities are destroyed. What is the final purpose of a war if not the control of the economic power that derives from destroying your enemy?
China has found a new way (well not so new really) of controlling the world: trought its enormous power.

                         No need for tanks anymore

The amazing growth that has benefitted China in the past decade has pushed its Government into pressuring other Countries in to doing  diplomatic and non diplomatic acts that are not against China's General Policies.
There is not a real need for one of the few Communist Countries in the world like China to send troops in Syria in support of their longtime friend (along with Russia). All they have to do is to veto the UN resolutions and keep doing their dirty business with a bloody dictator who is preying on his own people.Why sending in tanks when all they have to do is to send a diplomatic note to any of the Western Government they control
(sadly including the USA and President Barack Obama) asking for what they need waging the baton of retaliation (economic) if not?

                             SCARED WESTERN COUNTRIES

Money rule. We knew that, there is nothing new about this ancient rule. What is happening now, is that all the Western Countries who are under the Chinese-Communist pressure, are kneeling to the request of what is turning out to be the "ruler of the world"

                                             DALAI LAMA AS A TARGET

I must unfortunally point out at an Italian City, Milan, as an example of what is being perpetrated by the Chinese
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is visiting Milan. The City Council decided to grant Him the Honorary Citizenship.

The Chinese Government is one of the bigger sponsor of the 2015 International Expo in Milan.

The Counsel of China sends a note to the City's Mayor (who was a leftist militant in the 70's Italian "led years) "asking" to remove the  Honorary Citizenship to HH the Dalai Lama or else......

                                                 COWARDLY WITHDRAWL

The City Council obeys and refuses the honour to the Dalai Lama. The Chinese are happy. The Expo will be sponsored. The Milan's economy is safe.
Where are all the corageous people who fought the "Cinque Giornate di Milano" to free the City  from the Austrian two hundred years ago? Are we going to have to kneel to the Communists after we let the Belin Wall being detroyed by the freee world?

                                                    SHAME SHAME SHAME

Here below you'll find many links of the  example set by the various Government like the the French (Sarkozy had to meet the Dalai in Poland not to upset the Chinese) or the USA (Obama met Him in a back, private room but not in the official Oval Office).

                                                       SOME EXCEPTIONS

Angela Merkel, The City of Venice, The City of Rome are some of the very few examples of people who were not scared to go on and do as they wished instead of doing as they were told.

                                                       TIBET IS STILL SUFFERING

Tibetan Monks have set themselves of fire again to protest the Chinese opression. There is nothing they can really do to oppose such a Superpower.
It is time for us in the Free West (are we really that free?) to take a stand on these actions, how? We have the World Wide Web, Google+ Twitter. I have done my part. Can YOU do yours?
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