What is happening dear Italy?( by pio dal cin)

The Earthquake woke us up in the middle of the night... Twitter, Google plus, Topsy... I browsed and searched.. Finally I found the epicenter... San Felice al Panaro is about 150 km South of here.
Another EQ, just one day after the Bombing in Brindisi where a bastard placed a bomb outside a high school killing Melissa Bassi, daughter of Massimo, a humble factory working man and his housekeeping wife. A familly like a million other families struggling to survive the economic crisis that is battering the Country of Dante and Leonardo like a ruthless hail that doesn't want to stop.
Why? Is the question... What is happening?

Last week a man entered an office owned by the taxes' agency Equitalia taking 15 people as hostages at gunpoint. No one was hurt thanks to a courageous police officer.

Suicides linked to the crisis have reached the number of 72 this year as entreprenurs are strangled by taxes and debts. Even retired people (last one was 78 years old) commiting suicide as they are struggling with making it to the end of the month.

The EQ of yesterday is like an outcry from Mother Earth saying: "Enough is enough".

The bomb in Brindisi was placed probably by someone with a weak mind and a basic knowledge of electronics, stressed by recent events and crisis.

Politicians making 15k a month with thousand of benefits and free "toys" are
asking retirees (600/800€ per month) and working people (1000€a month) for sacrifices to save Italy. What are THEY
doing to help?

Corrupted politicians are getting caught on a daily base either from the left, the center, or the right.

We turn the television on to hear that the gas price is slowly reaching 2€ a liter (almost 8€ a gallon) that the unenployment rate has reached the highest level. Salaries are not going up, but there are always new taxes hitting the struggling average family.

On the other side, in the Parliament, the Senators are sitting on their asses
making anywhere from 15k€ to 20k€ per month, they have free computers, travel, cars, secretaries, and after two years they'll retire with benefits and a pension that somethimes equals the salary of a working man for a year ( they get that in ONE month).

This creates social tension, anger can take different avenues specially with people who are already stressed or have weak minds, like the one in Brindisi, who probably came up with a bad equation like this: Taxes=Politicians=Revenge (bomb the school).

The solution has come out of recent administrative elections for some big and small Cities in Italy. A movment sponsored by a stand up comedian with
a passion for blogging has swept 20% of the votes that once belonged to the moderate center/ right. Why? His motto was " all the politicians must be sent home".

This is the feeling right now among many Italians. We do not trust
(well.. We never did even before really)
our politicians anymore until they return to the Italian people all the money that they are pocketing from the taxes and the thefts perpeteated in 50 years of bad politics.

The average age of Italian politicians is the higher in Europe and we know why:
They love their golden seat, the power trip, and all the money that follows...
Hey.. We are all humans.. When they see the cake everyone without exception wants a piece, leaving the working people with a few crumbs.
All we can do is send them home and create a new politician class, made of people who never did politics in their lives, willing to work for a modest salary, and willing to get out after TWO mandates. I know... I'm day dreaming.. It will never happen, but I will keep writing about it until they will pass a law
which will impose me of cancelling posts like this one because they "offend" them as the institution they represent, or else they will fine me up to 5000€.
The Social Tension remains high, too high, and the facts of Brindisi are proving that is time for all politician to meditate and change the trend by helping the people, for example by using the PUBLIC money used to finance the parties to help some of the struggling families... A few hundred million euros are nothing for a Parliament but divede up between families in need they will be as oxigen in a smoke filled room for many right now, and most of all they will help easing the tension and give Italians a signal that thing can be changed if the struggle is carried on equally by EVERYONE including the Politicians t