Google+ Iphone app gets a major overhaul

Google+ iPhone App Gets A (Much-Needed) Major Overhaul

google-plus-red-128Love or hate Google+ itself, there’s one thing that almost everyone could agree on: Its iPhone app has looked and behaved like something Google cooked up as a last-minute afterthought.
No more.
Google has just announced a much-needed overhaul of the Google+ iPhone app and … while I can’t speak to how it works yet … it sure looksgreat based on the screenshots from Google’s blog post.
Have a look for yourself at a few that stood out to me:
In addition to the full-screen images/display, Google points out that the new iPhone app has crisper fonts, bigger profile photos and a variety of new visuals. There are also changes to how conversations are displayed, how the +1 button displays and other new functionality.
The new Google+ iPhone app wasn’t available to me just now when I checked for updates, so I can’t speak directly on any specific improvements. But, just between us, it has to be better than the previous version, right? “Nowhere to go but up” seems to be the rule here.
Google says it’s rolling out today in the App Store. The company also promises an update to its Android app “with a few extra surprises” in the next few weeks.