(by pio dal cin) G+ A City that never sleeps

Google plus or Facebook? Facebook or Google plus? That is the question.

Not for me. I moved.

*Two Cities*

Imagine two big Cities: Miami and New York, Chicago or San Francisco, Montreal or Toronto.
I imagine Facebook and Google plus  being two great Cities.

Facebook is overcrowded, the streets need to be fixed, the living is not safe as it used to be. Crime rate went up, phising,and security are not granted anymore. The connections are slow. It uis time to move to a new reality
Google plus.

G+ is a brand new City, is being built day by day, by people like you and me. We are provided with great tools of interactions like #hangoutsonair. The tools are provide to anyone . The challange is how to make it profitable for yourself.

How? It is up to you to find out. Hangouts on Air, this great medium that is now being provided to anyone, are a powerful tool of interaction. You can stream live your show, teach a language, create a group o support, promote your business., open an Art Gallery with your paintings, your artwork. Write a book, post a video, let your fantasy fly; nobody is going to stop you except for yourself.

This is a City that grows daily with everyone's efford. Ideas,projects, innovations come together into the new, virtual melting pot. A City that never sleeps as time zones yeld to continuous logging froi different parts of the wordl mixing cultures, expectations, projects and ideas.

Worried about the friends you are going to leave behind? Just tell them to Google your name. If you have a profile and you participate actively in the stream they will find you with just one click.

Welcome to the new City. Buy a house, rent an apartment, but give it a try.. Be patient and learn the streets, the theaters the clubs, the fun places.

You will love G+ The City that never sleeps


Treviso Hotel ha detto…
You have a really interesting writing style, please continue this great work.
Bibione apartments ha detto…
Maybe G+ is better, but still a lot of friends are on Facebook and don't want to move to a new place. It will take a lot of time until G+ will become populated. But thank you for your perspective of seeing the situation and comparing it to cities.