Google+ New Layout (my review)by pio dal cin

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My review on the new layout (by pio dal cin)

When something new is introduced to a wide population like the +Google+ Community the reactions are multiple and controversial as we grow always cuddlying and pampering the "old" as if we would to and old toy or to our favourite blanket.

Change scares everybody and that is one of the reasons why we find difficult sometimes to re-invent ourselves as human beings when changes and difficulties get on our way.

Here is the new layout and we are scattered to the left, pushed to the right, trying to find out what's new, what is better than before and what is not funcitioning or need to be fixed.

Overall I must say that my "feeling" is good except for a couple of features.

1) The view looks somehow too zoomed in like on +Google Maps when you get too close to the view and you want to zoom out. Before I was able to see five/ six/ seven posts in my screen, now I can only barely see two.

How to fix it? Add a "zoom in/zoom out feature " that would allow me to get closer or far away as I choose, like on +Google Earth.

I know that there is an extention that widens out the screen but it is not the right solution.

2) The grey on white colours on the comment make it look too pale.

Everything else we can get used to.

I remember when I first joined +Google+ in August I had the feeling I landed on a +Ghost Town Google plus . When I stareted looking around this new "virtual City" I realized that it is indeed a "City that never sleeps" From Australia to the North Pole, from South Africa to Alaska. It makes the world look smaller.

One Last thing before I close is to express my solidariety to +Mohamed Mansour who has expressed his frustration on a post on his page about the fact that he was not notified about the imminent changes coming.
I saw +Mohamed Mansour work very very hard in these past months and I feel his frustration on seein all those long hours trying to make this +Google+ a better place for us all. Here is the link to his original post:

Hugs Hugs Mohamed

The least that +Bradley Horowitz or +Vic Gundotra could do for him would be to hire him full time, if nothing else, for all the great things, exttensions and applications he has created for this Community .(but this is another story)


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