Authorship Identification G+ and SEO search (by pio dal cin)

I am the tech moron. I know.

 The grandpa, even if I am not one yet, of the new information technology, the internet, the web, the four languages I manage to speak have not helped me a bit in understanding how to mak the rel= author tag added to my Google plus profile work.

As I had a great Hangout tonight with video expert +Ronnnie Bincer I realized that having a easy one two three video, post, or whatever explanation on how to place a tag in you stream that will make it come alive and well on the SEO search .

It is way too complicated. I red articles, whatched videos, red posts about, and finally understood some of the details that Google+ requires me to do in order to show my picture up when you are searching for a content that I wrote, like for example this post.

I will name this post the "test for G+ to see if out there crawling the intricated avenues of the Web and see if I understood well the lesson given to me by the experts of the web

So I will publish this, in a few minutes and if the search will return the photo, along with my article, I did it right then you can ask me how I did it (hoping that I will still be able to remember it

So after I wrote the by line and I am  going to rewrite it here *by pio dal cin* I will also add this:(/115135005437142391944/ rel me) which is my Google+ Profile number. is my website and my Gmail address is see what happens

Oh I forgot I have another blog

Now let's go see what happens