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THE BEST POST I FOUND THIS MONTH (on +Mark Traphagen 's page)

Few days ago I interacted with this great person +Mark Traphagen . I had a feeling he was somehow special and I placed him into my #Musketeers circle.Today he posted a link who allows you to make a timeline of your posts, sorting them from new to old or viceversa, or from the most popular . A great tool/business card to place on your profile.
Very easy to do (believe me if I did it anyone can)
+Jaana Nyström was the one who generated this so i must give a SPECIAL THANK YOU..because this feature is really Supercool

This is how it works:
Open this link: and after copying your profile URL paste it instead of mine (*copy only the numbers*like you see here above)
Enjoy your timeline
And don't forget to add +Mark Traphagen to your "best" circles. He has some really great stuff to share
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