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Google Search Now Highlights “Latest Posts” From Google+ Pages & Profiles

It’s not your imagination. Google is showing a new “Latest Posts” section for some Google+ pages and profiles alongside its regular results, in the space where ads have traditionally resided. The format allows people and brands on Google+ to occupy more of the top-half of the search results page.
Google told us about the change:
We’re continuing to experiment with the ways we can help you find and interact with the people you’re looking for or who may be related to the topic you’re searching for.
Let’s see what’s up with the latest experiment.

Google Pages & Latest Posts

Here’s an example of how things looked until recently, with a search for TV Guide:
See the two links that the arrows point to? Those were appearing as part of the Google+ Direct Connect feature, where brands can link their web sites to their Google+ pages. Do that, and you were eligible to have some of your recent posts from Google+ appear below your “regular” listings gathered from your web site.
Here’s how things look now:

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