What are the rules for General Support's posts/page?

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Thanks +M Monica for this great idea
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What are the rules for General Support's posts/page?

1. We have weekly hangouts with a discussion/support theme topic. You are welcome to join the support hangouts if you feel this meets your needs.

2. If you would rather talk one on one in a hangout with a person who helps run General Support because you prefer more privacy, or you are having a crisis, feel free to send a message to +General Support - Friends That Listen requesting a 1 on 1 chat. We will do our best to listen and give you the privacy you need.

3. We do not exist to profit, advertise, or make money. We ask that you not use our name to do any of these things: we are solely a service for listening and offering verbal support. We realize many charities exist to address a real physical need for support, but unfortunately, we are not able to provide that for our followers, nor will we attempt to. We will try and help direct you to a charity or service that can fit your need if you directly ask us.

4. +M Monica 's 4 general rules of comment moderation apply here. These are:

-No trolling (purposeful irritation of another commenter)
-No spamming, or advertising.
-No ad hominem attacks, or personal attacks. Be respectful. Talk to others as you would do in real life.
-Don't incite violence.

We exist to support a vulnerable population on Google Plus. Please remain respectful of other people's rights and privacy here.

As for confidentiality, we ask that when you are in hangout, you remember that people may be sharing stories that are personal. Please don't repeat, gossip, or talk about others outside hangout. In general hangout, you do not have to participate; we give each person 5-10 minutes to simply talk about what is going on with them. You may always pass if you do not wish to share. There is no obligation or connotation attached to joining the hangout, we will make no assumptions about you.

5. This is a community effort and should not be credited to one person or page on Google Plus. +M Monica+pio dal cin, and +Robert Redlstarted this page in order to have support community here, and we are welcome to having other people join, but make sure you are doing so for the right reasons. This page's main goal is to be a collaborative, selfless effort.
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