Chet Baker a true Artist whom I had the pleasure to hear in one of his last performances

Chet Baker Two months before his tragic death
Being a photojournalist is the best job a joung man can hope for in his life. Sometimes you have to struggle to get a pass, a press credit, the right photo sometimes seems to slip away.
In other occasions you get lucky. I was indeed that night when Paolo Gant, my greatest photography's buddy and photojournalist himself called me and asked if I wanted to join him to a small Jazz Club named "Tag" in Mestre, near Venice.
"There is a great player" He said. "His name is *CHET BAKER*".
Honestly, I did not know who he was, but I decided to join Paolo for a shoot.
The Tag was a small club and there were probably 50 to 80 people that night of March 1988.
It was great because I was so close when I shot these pictures that I could almost touch his trumpet. He played greatfully. I fell in love with his music.
On the breaks he took I could smell the acre grass of the joint he was smoking in the backstage. Beside him, a beer.
When he came back to play again he wasn't really stable on his legs, then he sat, took the trumpet on to his lips and started to play again.
As stoned or drunk as he could have been he did not miss ONE note.
He was perfect in his performance.
I realized that he clinged to that trumpet as if it were the link between his notouriously ragged life, and his ART.
His ART, playing trumpet as one of the best "white" trumpet players ever in the jazz history was the real certainty that this great man had, and he performed the best Jazz concert I have ever had the chance of attending to in my whole life.

These photos are MY humble tribute to a great MAN who passed away just two months later after these pictures were taken. He died in Amsterdam, falling from his Hotel's window.

I learned some lesson from this Artist that I didn't know even existed before that night. I learned that if you believe firmly in what you are doing as an Artist there is no distraction, nothing in the world that can stop you from succeding.Believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your set goal and you will be a happy person in the short span of time that is being given to us as human on this Planet.

Eventually your Art will survive you, but only at the sole condition that you performed it because of the burning passion that you felt inside.

I kept these in my archives waiting to release them with his story that I gladly share tonight with all the G+ Community.(#piodalcinauthor)

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