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+Sarah Hill as promised here is the post by +M Monica about the new support page to help people in need to talk...please share
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What Is General Support- Friends That Listen? What Do We Do?

We are a page meant to help reach G+ users who are differently abled/minded or simply those who going through a tough time and want to have a talk.

+pio dal cin and +M Monica and +Nathan Pieplow and +Robert Redl and +Alex Grossman are behind this page. We are trying to create a community of support for people in hangout on Google Plus.

We chose the name "Friends that Listen" in addition to "General Support" at Robert Redl's suggestion, because although we are not able to offer medical advice, we are at attempting to assemble a team of kind, supportive people who can lend a confidential ear, and who will help and listen to those who just need to be heard in their daily struggles to cope with the challenges that meet them in life.

Please reshare this post so we can form a larger community. If you are interested in joining our support team, please contact +pio dal cin or +M Monica for more information.

We will be having regular support hangouts, which are not On Air, but are small group settings, to talk about different aspects of experience, coping mechanisms, and problems.

Our two regularly scheduled weekly hangouts will be:

Saturday at 2 PM EST (7 PM GMT)

Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 EST (9:30 GMT)

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