Dramatic phone call (audio recorded) between Costa Concordia Captain Schettino and the Coast Guard commander


The phone call between the Cruise ship's captain Schettino and the commander of the local Coast Guard telling him to go back on board after he abandoned the ship.
The recording is in italian but here is the translation of the conversation


Time: 21.30 - Schettino, captain of the Concordia is on the phone with his retired master Mario Palombo.
" I will greet you" says Schettino
Palombo was not at the Giglio's island that night, he was out in the city of Grosseto.

The phone call is interrupted and the old master (palombo) senses that something went wrong.
The Coast Guard wants to know what is going on and calls Schettino.
"Nothing wrong, just a technical problem"

Time: 21.49

The passengers' nightmare has already started... A long silence follows.

Time: 00.32:

The Coast Guard calls Schettino ( the ship's captain) on the cellphone that is already sitting on the reefs away from the ship. He lies:
"How many passengers are still on board?"
"Two, three hundred... I'm going back on the front of the ship to see what is going on" Lies Schettino.
The truth is that most of the 4000 passengers are still on board. The order to abandon the vessel has been given only 40 minutes ago.


Ten minutes later a new phone call from the Coast Guard:
"How many passengers are still on board captain?"
Schettino lies again: " I was told that there are about 40 people still on the ship".
The Coast Guard understand the lie perpetrated by the captain.
"How could that be possible? Are you ON the ship?"
Schettino admits:
"No I left the ship because it' sinking"


"How could you have abandoned the ship?"
Schettino keeps on with the lie:
"No I didn't abandon the ship, I'm still here".

Time: 1.46
The Coast Guard issues an order to Schettino:
"Return aboard... You must tell us how many people there are still there"
How many women... Children? You must coordinate the rescue effords.. There are casualties..."
"How many?" Asks Schettino?

"You are the one who is supposed to tell us..." Answers angrly the Coast Guard.

"What are you going to do.. Go home?"
You must go back on board and tell us what is going on
"Ok Ok I'm going back" Replies Schettino, but he is lying for one more time.
Someone sees him inba Taxi.
Destination: Hotel Bahamas
Costa Concordia - La telefonata: "Schettino torni a bordo!"(click here for audio recording of phone call)

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