Hangout Live on "How to improve Hangouts" with +James Lawson and Pio Dal Cin

here is the Live hangout for +Katherine Gramann who couldn't attend for technical reason and for+Chee Chew (who snobbed me as usual).. Too bad none of the +Google people attended the hangout.

Maybe next time
James Lawson-Smith's profile photoJames Lawson-Smith originally shared this post:
On the 25th myself and +pio dal cin hosted the first hangout on-air to discuss how to improve hangouts. We invited a wide range of people to come along and let us know what they wanted to see improved, add or changed in the Hangouts.

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Percipients where: +pio dal cin +Robert Redl +Sarah Hill +Shefali Burns +Joseph Puglisi +Mike Downes +Bruce Garber +Tshaka Armstrong +Fraser Cain +Osman A +Gary Levin +M Monica+Matthew Carano and +George Krieger

Points raised in the hangout were:
• Have a green/red system for mic mute button

• Be able to reserve space for people in the hangout

• Be able to open a second video chat to have a private chat but still be able to get back into main hangout.

• Be able to lock participant number. Ie only 6 people can join this hangout

• Better ways of finding public hangouts

• Have a courtesy document explain what people should and should not do in a hangout

• When you hover over someone’s name the ID Box pops up, the same as if you hover on someone’s name in the stream.

• Be able to easily tell what time zone people are in. Maybe have a +5 or -5 in their thumbnail to say they are 5 hours ahead or behind your own timezone.

On-air specific topics
• Be able to have a lower thirds come up in the stream with person’s name when you green box someone

• Create a universal hangout time zone

• Have a system whereby the host has to authorise entry to the hangout if link Is shared

• Fix URL loophole. If the On-Air hangout url gets posted ANYONE can join that on-air hangout

• Have an individual audio function. Ie, be able to turn the hangout down without turning yourself down (Musicians would love to do this)

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