I was hanging out when hangouts were not cool on Google plus

Image representing Bradley Horowitz as depicte...Image by Web 2.0 via CrunchBasehttps://plus.google.com/115135005437142391944/posts/KYDb2ZWafbb
If you have been on a hangout with me in the last five months you are likely to be in this album.
I did not post-edit the photos, so pardon me for the sometimes bad quality of these pictures.
This is more of a document than a photo album...I called it " I was hanging out when hanging out wasn't cool"
Feel free to tag yourselves in this album, and if you want, go ahead tag your friends too. It took me the whole night to upload these 800 pictures so I do not have the time to tag everyone but for sure you'll see:
+Sarah Hill +Bruce Garber +Robert Redl +Mike Downes +Joseph Puglisi +Kempton Lam +Bradley Horowitz +Katherine Gramann+Kathy Morlock +Katie Wright +David Bennett +Angie Bailey +pio dal cin +Boris Gorelik +Arleen Boyd +Bobbi Jo Woods +matthew rappaport +Matthew Wilkinson +Tom Rolfson +Peter McDermott +Robert Anderson +Amanda Blain +Christopher Lira +John Fanavans+Sandra Parlow +Samantha Villenave +Shefali Burns +Ramaa Sharma +Leanne Staples +Mihailo Radičević +Michele Spry +Johnny Graterol Guevara +Layani Prado +Ron Jackson +Bridget Navoda +Brenda Schmitz +Sandy Schepis +Lord Miles Parker +Loren Groves+Craig Shipp +James Lawson-Smith +Mike Searle +Cliff Roth and many others...
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