Earthquake in Australia. Link to Google Earth shows details on the damages

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Strong earthquake near the coast of Western Australia (Cape Range National Park)

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Histroric earthquakes map courtesy USGS
Earthquake overview : A strong shallow earthquake occurred in the coastal waters of western Australia. The quake occurred in the middle of the Australian night approx. 50 km from Exmouth and the Cape Range National Park.
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Update :  The greater epicenter area had some similar earthquakes since 1990, most of them to the North West and all of the earthquakes at a depth less than 35 km.
Update :  The Muiron Islands Nature reserveis located within the potential (light) damageradius given by Geoscience Australia
Update :  All data below is from Geoscience Australia
Update : Locations where the earthquake might have been felt : Lyndon, Exmouth, Cape Range National Park, Dampier, Onslow and Yannarie
Update :  Geoscience Australia expects this earthquake to be felt in a radius of 252 km

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