Color your dreams and give them wings on Google plus

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Color your dreams and give them wings on Google plus. Article about Hangouts and the magic interaction that brings people together on G+

pio dal cin  -  If I wrote this article I must thank from the bottom of my heart +Grace O'Malley+Giselle Minoli +Ardith Goodwin +M Monica who have supported and inspired me.

A tribute to the greatness of a Holy Person who is sharing this virtual space with us with His ever inspiring words of Peace and Comfort, HIs Holiness +Dalai Lama

A special, very special than you goes to the "Salt of Google Plus" +Robert Redl without whom the G+ community would be like a typical spaghetti dish from Italy, without the Salt; to the "Gentleman of G+ "+Bruce Garber If there would be more people like you Bruce the world would be a much better place (and G+ too); +Mike Downes Always ready to help and give a good advice on technological/journalistic issue.
These are the "Original Three Musketeers" (I am the fourth) of G+ #musketeers, who have always been there to help in fun and tough times.
All the others you'll find on the group circle that I have shared many times.
Thanks to +Katherine Gramann for her great support during these two weeks without the possibility of interacting with my circles.
I would really love to have some feedback from the G+ Gurus(maybe I'm asking for too much) like+Ron Garan +Robert Scoble +Vic Gundotra +Pete Cashmore +Eric Schmidt +Tom Anderson (loved your photos of the mall)
+Bradley Horowitz (it's your great toy)+Google+
A special mention goes to a great musician who is climbing fast the steep road to success +Daria Musk (keep on rocking Daria)
I won't be able to thank anyone but I try to mention my Hangout "bunch" +Sarah Hill +Angie Bailey+Gabriel Vasile
+Katie Wright +Ron Jackson +Shefali Burns+Johnny Graterol Guevara +Layani Prado +Tom Rolfson +Seth Goldstein +Joe Puglisi +Michele Spry +Brenda Schmitz +Tom Samacicio +Alex Grossman +Jennifer Tackman +P E Sharpe+Ramaa Sharma +Lil Peck +Ashley Sommer+Carter Gibson +Mohamed Mansour +Chee Chew+Chad LaFarge +Louisa Catharine Forsyth +Kathy Morlock +Marcus Sant'Anna +Bobbi Jo Woods+Dave Beckerman +David Bennett +Christina Trapolino +Ayoub Khote +Daniel A. Norman+Daniel Enloe +Dolidh Young +Michele Atwater+Laurence Hubbard +Sandra Parlow +Harold Carey Jr. +matthew rappaport +Arleen Boyd+Matthew Wilkinson +Ugo Cei +Mihailo Radičević+Alfred Pleyer +Boris Gorelik +Leanne Staples+Joshua Evan Powell +Garth McKay +Jeffrey Sullivan +Colby Brown +Eric Parker +Robert Anderson +Jack C Crawford +Jack C Crawford+Jake Garan +Andy Stuart

Some of the artists on this great community
+Cliff Roth +Samantha Villenave +Steven Vargas+Mike Searle +byron rempel +Paul Roustan
+Jeff Harper +Bearman Cartoons

Thank you all...
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